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  1. Akrill

    Towny Update #9 - Alpha Reset Changes (Towny, Bank) + Locked Updates/Patches

    Towny, patch (x) - (date) In preparation for the long awaited alpha reset, we've made some big changes. The economy has been upscaled significantly, mainly in upkeep and creation costs of towns and nations. A lot of aspects will need to be adjusted as a result (e.g. jobs, rewards, shop, etc)...
  2. Akrill

    Towny Update #8 - Jobs Overhaul + 1.17 Update + Updated BETA Checklist!

    Update #8 The Jobs overhaul! This is the second step towards beta release and the server's hard reset. Apologies for the slow progress being made but all the server work that needs to be done is handled by only one at this time. Core mechanics to Jobs will change with this update. Each...
  3. Akrill

    Towny Patch #24 (Overhaul Follow-up 2 + New NPC)

    Towny, patch 24 - September 11th Hopefully the last follow up to custom enchantments in alpha. Added 2 new Fabled enchantments and 2 Unique enchantments. The Uniques are not working as intended but have been added as the developer has confirmed the bugs (which hopefully means a fix coming...
  4. Akrill

    Towny Patch #23 (Post-Overhaul Expansion)

    Towny, patch (x) - (date) A small patch that adds unfinished enchantments not included in the Custom Enchantment overhaul. Added - Custom Enchantment: Padded (Superior) Armor enchantment. Take reduced damage damage from projectiles. 5/7/9/11% reduced - Custom Enchantment: Insulated...
  5. Akrill

    Towny Update #7 - Custom Enchantment Overhaul + Patch Announcement

    This Update marks the first step towards our Beta release! This announces the overhaul of the Custom Enchantments. Instead of making a separate post the changes. Due to all the changes, it has been hidden in a spoiler tag below. TL;DR - You cannot get custom enchantments from the...
  6. Akrill

    Suggestions Information

    Welcome to the reSkybounds suggestions! We appreciate and consider all valid, constructive feedback the community has for us, whether it be our website, Discord or server. Here's some useful information to know before you submit a suggestion so that we can keep everything in order! - Always...
  7. Akrill

    Changelog #22

    Towny, minor changelog - September 1st Another patch and more changes. Added None! Removed None! Nerfed None! Buffed - Custom Enchantments: Lasting Increased the chance to restore 1 durability. Was: 50/60/70% Now: 65/70/75% Fixed None! Changed None! Known Issues - CRITICAL...
  8. Akrill

    [Exploit] Enchantment Table occasionally gets stuck on a free enchantment

    To make sure it's not an AE bug we should test it on its own (note to self: not a local server because of the IP limitation). Test 1: a) Load AE alone (with alpha configs) b) Keep enchanting (100+ attempts at least) c) If nothing happens, proceed to test 2. If it breaks, report to developer...
  9. Akrill

    Changelog #21 (New Fabled Enchantment + New Enchant Tier + Balancing & Bug Fixes)

    Towny, minor changelog - August 29th This patch adds a brand new Fabled enchantment: Divine Intervention and also a new Enchantment tier: Mystic. The /tfly bug/exploit was also fixed in addition to some balance changes. Added - Custom Enchantments: Divine Intervention Fabled enchantment...
  10. Akrill

    [Towny deposit bug?] Bank ate my Money

    Refunded. Unfortunately the logs on this day were wiped and so I cannot check what exactly happened. However, something similar happened to @SillySamMan 's town. In that case it seemed as if Towny accepted the deposit but didn't actually add it to the town bank. Repeating the deposit to Sam's...
  11. Akrill

    [Confirmed] Drill/Excavate enchantment mines all objects

    This should be fixed in a future update of AE.
  12. Akrill

    [Reported] [Exploit] player is able to fly outside of their towns.

    Bug report submitted to TownyFlight developer Update: I had missed updates to both Towny and TownyFlight. This issue should be fixed now. If not, I'll reopen this exploit Update 2: It appears the updates haven't solved the issue. Waiting for test if /tfly is removed by leaving the town border...
  13. Akrill

    Pending Spending more Money and EXP

    Original ideas: @Heydin - Make /enchanter charge EXP instead of money - Possibly add more crates with custom buffs - Double drops for 1 hour (35k) - Double key fragments for 1 hour (35k) - Temporary donor ranks - Hero - 14/30 days (10M?) - Knight - 14/30 days (5M?) - Permanent donor...
  14. Akrill

    Changelog #20

    Towny, minor changelog - August 26th Two new crates were added! Legendary and Common. If you missed a previous change log (#18), we've recently added in the first way for players to gain Key Fragments using the custom enchantment Extraction V. You have a menu (/fragments) to see all your...
  15. Akrill

    [CONFIRMED] Enchantment Table Only gives Efficiency

    After some testing I'm fairly sure that this issue is most likely an issue caused by AE's reload command. On reboot, enchantments work and you can get 1-5 custom enchantments at lvl 45. However, after reloading the plugin, you no longer receive custom enchantments and you can only get Efficiency...
  16. Akrill

    Changelog #19 (Enchantments, Warp Shop, ENCHANTMENT TABLE ISSUE)

    Towny, minor changelog - August 25th Added the new enchantment Extraction which replaces the disabled Looting enchantment. Added - Custom Enchantments: Thunderlord A new Legendary enchantment. Attacking a target 3 times in a row strikes the target with lightning, dealing 5/7/9 damage...
  17. Akrill

    [CONFIRMED] Enchantment Table Only gives Efficiency

    @Nunyabz I think this is an issue with our plugin changing the vanilla enchantment.
  18. Akrill

    Accepted Alpha Tester Application

    Accepted, thanks for applying! :)
  19. Akrill

    Changelog #18 (Extraction Enchantment + Key Fragments)

    Towny, minor changelog - August 24th The replacement enchantment Extraction is functional but is too strong. It's been nerfed to bring it more in line to what a Basic enchantment is supposed to do. We've also added Experience Bottles to /warp Shop! Added - Warp Shop: Experience Bottle You...