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Information Applying to become reSkybounds staff

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reSkybounds Owner
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Jun 9, 2019

If you've come to this info post, chances are you're considering applying to join our staff team. If you're a friendly person who enjoys helping others, great! You might be just who we're looking for!
We will consider anyone's submission during an application period, although please keep in mind any special cases that may be posted in the "#announcements" channel on our Discord server.

An application period is ongoing if you can see the "#staff-applications" channel. If you can't, we're currently not looking to promote new users.

You'll find some useful information to know between application periods down below.

General application information

- Your applications must be submitted through Google Forms (links at the bottom) and they will be reviewed by a select few of our administrators.

- Read each introduction of your Staff Application thoroughly. Information may change between application periods.

- You may submit applications for multiple positions in an application period but you must state you have done so at the end of your application. However, you may not submit more than one application for the same position. Applying 2 or more times will result in a denial. If you have made a mistake or an error has occurred, mention a Community Administrator and we'll help you.

- Do not tag staff once you have submitted your application.

- Ensure that your 2FA authentication is enabled where possible (e.g. on your Discord account) before you apply.

reSkybounds Discord Moderator application: <https://forms.gle/3Gs5jEC2Xkcf2o5s6>

reSkybounds Discord+QueUp Moderator application: <https://forms.gle/nmiRRiq9ux7ZUaNFA>

reSkybounds Discord+Minecraft Moderator application: <https://forms.gle/nUhbvj6FCyruRb577>
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