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[Exploit] Enchantment Table occasionally gets stuck on a free enchantment


Guide Editor
Guide Editor
Aug 22, 2021
In some occasions, the enchantment table will give free enchants (does not consume xp or lapis). If this is the case the enchantment gets stuck on that free enchantment and will presist until another item (different item) is enchanted. For example, If I get free enchants on a diamond sword, I can create 20 diamond swords and enchant all of them for free forever until I enchant something like a pair of diamond boots. Note it is also possible for the subsequent item to also be a bugged enchantment and get stuck as well.

Can disenchant these free enchantments for free xp. If also of the Enchanter Job, money is given for each enchantment. This is essentially a way to generate money and xp.

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Enchant a bunch of items until one of them gets stuck (have not pin pointed the exact cause)

Edit 2021-08-30:

I figured out how to reproduce this exploit/what causes it.

There are rare cases where an item does not receive a single vanilla enchant (ex. Protection IV on armor) but there receive only AE enchants. This for some reason causes the game to not recognize the item as a "real" enchant and does not consume xp or lapis. A possible fix for such a case is to force every enchant to have at least 1 vanilla enchant.
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Jun 9, 2019
To make sure it's not an AE bug we should test it on its own (note to self: not a local server because of the IP limitation).

Test 1:
a) Load AE alone (with alpha configs)
b) Keep enchanting (100+ attempts at least)
c) If nothing happens, proceed to test 2. If it breaks, report to developer.

Test 2:
a) Load AE with ReSkyUtils (with alpha configs)
b) -||-
c) If nothing happens, go over what other plugins might also alter enchantments. If it breaks, it's probably ReSkyUtils that's causing the issue.

Unrelated AE bug/issue:
Sweeping Edge has been configured in anvil.yml to go above 3. Still can't be combined in an anvil.
Check the combining on the dev server while testing the enchantment exploit.