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Janna - Commands and features


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Jun 9, 2019
Janna is our community bot, created by @Jag .

For now she is only available in our room on QueUp (https://www.queup.net/join/skybounds).
This thread will list all her commands and features, and also who can use them.

Not available

QueUp Commands:
  • No commands yet
  • Reaction images
    • !ayaya
    • !ayayabass
    • !ayayacry
    • !ayayahands
    • !cry
    • !cryr
    • !dance
    • !hype
    • !jam
    • !kong
    • !prxgasm
  • !commands
    • Shows a list of commands that are available to you. If you do not have permission to do a command, it won't show it when you use !commands.
  • !discord
  • !listentime (username)
    • Show how much time you've spent in our room!
      • Optionally, you can add someone's username to see their listen time. It works with plain old text or with a @.
    • Alias: !lt
  • !resident
    • Shows you information on how to become a Resident DJ on QueUp.
  • !seen (username)
    • See when someone was last in the room.
  • !theme
    • Show what the room's current theme is. This should reflect any temporary changes, such as room events.

Special commands:
  • !props
    • You can give another user props for their song if you really like it!
  • !love
    • Same as with !props except that you can only use it once per week.
  • !superlove
    • Same as with !love except that it only be used once per month. Use it wisely!
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