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Network Maintenance (June 26, 2022) - 1.19 compatibility

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Jun 9, 2019
As part of our efforts to be transparent with our community, we try to be open regarding the work we do.

Our goal for this maintenance was to allow for 1.19 clients to connect to the network, like we're currently allowing 1.18 clients to the 1.17 server.
This goal was partially achieved.

After encountering issues with some plugins running on the network (due to a backwards incompatible update to the database structure), we had to perform a manual backup of our database to make required changes. This process to much longer than initially expected. Eventually, the database was once again functional and the plugin causing the issue could finally update its data.

With that done, we could proceed to the main purpose of the maintenance: allowing 1.19 clients to join the network.

After some troubleshooting, we found out that there is a compatibility issue with 1.19 clients trying to join servers using older resource packs. In the case of the Kingdoms server, that is 1.17. This was confirmed when running the server with and without the resource pack enabled.
In an attempt to resolve this issue, we attempted to update the plugin in question. The plugin failed to load and instead caused more issues with generating default files. This was expected but reverting to an older snapshot of the server took time as it's mainly a manual process.

In order to avoid any future issues: all players will be forced to the Lobby server upon joining the network. Since we don't know how long this will be an issue, this method prevents players from getting stuck in the Kingdoms server between errors.

As Kingdoms is our only public gamemode, you should stay with a 1.18 client or older until this compatibility issue is resolved.
Unfortunately it's not something we have any control over at this time.
Not open for further replies.