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HeavenlyKingdoms Patch #11

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Jun 9, 2019
Markdown (GitHub flavored):
# Heavenly Kingdoms Patch #11

Changes from February 5-7th

## Added
- Custom Blocks & Items
    - Recipes
        - Cobble Deepslate
            - You can now craft Cobbled Deepslate by surrounding a Diamond Hammer by Deepslate.
            - Surrounding a Diamond Hammer by 8 Deepslate yields 8 Cobbled Deepslate at the cost of 2 durability.

- NPCs
    - Gondolf
        - You can now trade Knowledge Fragments for Sweeping Edge, Fortune and Silk Touch books. We may add more books in the future so let us know which ones should absolutely be sold by Gondolf!
            - Banned enchantments: Unbreaking, Mending, Infinity
        - Sweeping Edge III
            - 32 Knowledge Fragments
            - $2000
        - Fortune III
            - 64 Knowledge Fragments
            - $10 000
        - Silk Touch
            - 64 Knowledge Fragments
            - $10 000

- Server Restarts
    - Added "No need to quit. You will not be disconnected!" to the restart broadcasts at 5 minutes, 1 minute and 5 seconds before it begins.
        - You aren't kicked off the server or the network while the server is restarting. You are instead on a "ghost" server. Once the reboot is finished, it will automatically reconnect you without having to rejoin or reload any resource packs!
    - Rescheduled the restart to 05:00 UTC from 00:00 UTC

## Removed
- Jobs
    - Removed the daily quests completely. Currently, they're way too much work for me to manage on my own (on top of everything else) and to make any change is a nightmare. So, they've been removed. It will be partially replaced by another feature, the Battle Pass, in the near future. More information will be available later.

## Buffed
- Custom Items & Blocks
    - Diamond Hammer
        - Massively increased the durability to 5000 from 1561, due to the Lasting Tool enchantment not working on it. This buff will be reverted once we can address that issue, although likely not all the way back.

## Nerfed
- Custom Blocks & Items
    - Knowledge Fragments (Nether Quartz Ore)
        - Drop chance lowered to 5% from 15%
        - Drop amount lowered to 0-1 from 1-2

- Kingdoms
    - Extractors
        - Maximum storage lowered to 100 from 500 Resource Points
        - Generates 3 Resource Points every 60 seconds (from 1 every 10 seconds).

## Changed
- Voting
    - Changed the voting plugin's messages.

## Fixed
- Help Menu
    - Fixed the upkeep equation

## Known Issues
- Known Issues
    - Connecting to Server
        - Older clients are automatically kicked from the server when they accept the server resource pack. The chances of this being fixed seem low at the present moment. We may remove the oldest currently supported clients completely.
            - 1.8 clients are known to have this issue.
            - 1.12 and newer **should** have no issues.

    - Anti-Cheat issues
        - Using enchantments that break blocks in a radius (e.g. Drill, Excavate) will incorrectly detect you as cheating and may kick you from the server.
            - The developer has said they're currently reworking the cheat detection. Hopefully this will resolve these issues in the future.

    - Dynamic View Distance
        - Due to how the Minecraft Client and Server interact with each other, fog distance may appear much further away than it would normally do. This is likely the best solution at the present.

    - Farming (including Right-Click to Harvest)
        - Farming custom crops may not give Farmer experience
            - Specifically, this targets crops added by ItemsAdder.
        - Right-clicking custom crops auto replants vanilla seeds or plants. We recommend you always break them instead (except for tomato bushes)

    - Custom Enchantments
        - Experience
            - Ultimate enchantment.
            Doesn't seem to be dropping experience when it should.
        - Vein Miner
            - Unique enchantment.
            If using "Custom Enchantment: Experience", only the initial block broken yields the bonus experience.
            Blocks that should be affected by Fortune (e.g. Diamond Ore) may not have the Fortune experience applied to it.
        - Custom Enchantment: Void Charge
            - Fabled enchantment.
            Enchantment may not activate. May need to be completely changed or removed.
            Players who have Void Charge may be refunded a random Fabled Enchantment Book if contacting an admin.
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