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HeavenlyKingdoms Patch #13 (New Donor Rank, CloudBank nerfs, Kingdoms changes/nerfs)

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Jun 9, 2019
Markdown (GitHub flavored):
# Heavenly Kingdoms Patch #13

This Patch introduces a new category: Donor Changes.
Rather than bundling it under the other categories (such as "Added" or "Nerfed"), making it its own category makes much better sense in terms of clarity and ease of access. As with the other categories: if there are no changes in a Patch, it will be included but left empty.

Changes from February 10-12th

## Donor Changes
- Donor Ranks
    - Lifetime Ranks
        - Legend ($200)
            - A new rank for those of you who wish to go the extra mile with your incredibly generous support.
            - Access to RGB nicknames
                - Format: "/nick &#RRGGBB"
                    - Use any online RGB tool to find the codes. Example: https://rgbcolorcode.com/ (unaffiliated to and not endorsed by reSkybounds)
            - Access RGB chat
                - Format: "&#RRGGBBHello!"
            - Can toggle teleport and teleport requests (excluding /tpo)
                - /tptoggle
            - Can craft the Netherite Backpack
                - View recipes: /backpacks crafts
            - Unlock all current and future "Emote Crate" emotes
                - Donor shop value: $49.99
            - Can join up to 6 Jobs professions
            - Spawners
                - Command: "/silkspawners set [mob]"
                - Axolotl
                - Goat
                - Bee
                - GlowSquid
        - Lord
            - (New) Access to Auto Tool
                - Actions swap your currently held to the item best suited for the block/entity, if one is available in your inventory.
                - Toggle: "/bt"
            - (New) Access to Auto Refill
                - Refills your selected slot if an item breaks or blocks run out, if available in your inventory.
                - Toggle: "/refill"
            - Jobs
                - Max professions increased to 4 from 3.
            - (Removed) No longer has access to Teleport Toggle (/tpo)
    - Subscription Ranks
        - All subscription ranks are now ranked lower than lifetime ranks in terms of priority. This does __not__ affect the permissions you inherit from each rank or from other ranks!
        - SupporterPlus
            - (New) Access to Auto Tool
                - Actions swap your currently held to the item best suited for the block/entity, if one is available in your inventory.
                - Toggle: "/bt"

- Donor Shop
    - Extra Perks
        - Emote Crate: Unlock All ($49.99)
            - Unlock all emotes in the Emote Crate, current and future emotes included!

## Added
- Added

## Removed
- Referral
    - The plugin was out-of-date and lacked in features we wanted to see. Therefore, it has been removed. We have plans of re-adding something similar in the future, custom-coded by us. The prioirity though is not very high.

## Buffed
- Buffed

## Nerfed
- CloudBank
    - CloudBank has been significantly nerfed to help against its natural inflation on the server's economy. While the simplest solution would be to remove interest all together, the interest is a fairly unique way of rewarding online activity and we want to keep it if possible. CloudBank may be buffed in the future as we add more ways to deflate the economy, mainly through ways of purchasing/spending
    - Experience
        - Increased timer to 60 minutes from 15 minutes
        - Increased online interest to 1% from 0.5%
        - Increased offline interest to 0.1% from 0% (10% of the online interest)
        - Set the interest cap to 100 (was uncapped)
        - Withdraw tax: 3% (unchanged)
    - Money
        - Increased timer to 60 minutes from 15 minutes
        - Increased online interest to 1.5% from 1%
        - Increased offline interest to 0.15% from 0% (10% of the online interest)
        - Lowered bank cap to $50 000 from $500 000
        - Set the interest cap to $500 (was uncapped)
        - Withdraw tax: 4% (unchanged)

- Kingdoms
    - Costs
        - Kingdoms
            - Creation cost
                - Increased to $20 000 from $10 000
            - Upkeep cost
                - New pacifism formula: "500 + (60 * %kingdoms_members%) + (30 * %kingdoms_lands%)"
                    - Old pacifism formula: "(125 * %kingdoms_members%) + (50 * %kingdoms_lands%)"
                - New upkeep formula: "500 + (100 * (%kingdoms_members% + 1)) + (50 * (%kingdoms_lands% + 1)) + pacifism"
                    - Old upkeep formula: "250 + (250 * (%kingdoms_members% + 1)) + (100 * (%kingdoms_lands% + 1)) + pacifism"
            - Death Penalty
                - Increased to 15 from 10
        - Nation
            - Creation cost
                - Increased to $150 000 from $100 000
            - Upkeep cost
                - New upkeep formula: "5000 + (5000 * ((%kingdoms_nation_kingdoms% - 1) * 0.33))"
                    - Old upkeep formula: "4500 + (4500 * ((%kingdoms_nation_kingdoms% - 1) * 0.33))"
    - Resource Points
        - Worth increased to $5 from $0.20, meaning "1 Resource Point = $5". Resource Points now require significantly more cash to convert into one point.
        - Disabled withdrawing of Resource Points from a Kingdom or Nation as a currency.
        - Item Converter
            - Reduced needed items from "5" to "3" per 1 Resource Point
            - Removed custom item values (e.g. iron ingots)
            - I haven't been able to find a middle-ground between something that's balanced and overpowered. For the time being, all items are now worth the same until we find a good compromise.
    - Structures
        - Extractor
            - Given the RP overhaul above
            - Now generates 1 Resource Point every 60 seconds (from 3 every 60 seconds)
            - Maximum storage reduced to 15 from 100
        - Outpost
            - Was disabled between Patch #11 and #12. Has been re-enabled with new prices (significantly nerfed).

## Changed
- Custom Enchantments
    - /Tinkerer
        - This will be re-implemented at some point as a reroll mechanic.
    - /Alchemist
        - No longer add up Enchantment Book chances.
            - Pay attention to what order you combine the books in!
        - Can no longer combine Magic Dusts.
            - May be reverted in the future.
        - Price increased to $750 from $250.
    - Custom Enchantment Books
        - Success are no longer random. All Custom Enchantment Books now have a default success chance of 15%.
            - To improve your books, see Gondolf at spawn and purchase Secret Dusts of the appropriate tier.
                - IMPORTANT: Secret/Magic Dust is TIER SPECIFIC, meaning Basic Magic Dust only works with Basic Enchantment Books.
        - Can no longer be combined in an Anvil with an item.
            - You can still Drag and Drop the book onto an eligible item!
    - Loot Generation
        - Chance increased to 12 from 3%.

- Custom Mobs
    - Switched over most mobs (which use a player model and skin) from a name-based system to file-based system. This *should* prevent custom mobs from spawning with missing skins which were caused by the account's player. Let us know if any skins are still broken or missing!

## Fixed
- Fixed

## Known Issues
- Known Issues
    - Connecting to Server
        - Older clients are automatically kicked from the server when they accept the server resource pack. The chances of this being fixed seem low at the present moment. We may remove the oldest currently supported clients completely.
            - 1.8 clients are known to have this issue.
            - 1.12 and newer **should** have no issues.

    - Anti-Cheat issues
        - Using enchantments that break blocks in a radius (e.g. Drill, Excavate) will incorrectly detect you as cheating and may kick you from the server.
            - The developer has said they're currently reworking the cheat detection. Hopefully this will resolve these issues in the future.

    - Dynamic View Distance
        - Due to how the Minecraft Client and Server interact with each other, fog distance may appear much further away than it would normally do. This is likely the best solution at the present.

    - Farming (including Right-Click to Harvest)
        - Farming custom crops may not give Farmer experience
            - Specifically, this targets crops added by ItemsAdder.
        - Right-clicking custom crops auto replants vanilla seeds or plants. We recommend you always break them instead (except for tomato bushes)

    - Custom Enchantments
        - Experience
            - Ultimate enchantment.
            Doesn't seem to be dropping experience when it should.
        - Vein Miner
            - Unique enchantment.
            If using "Custom Enchantment: Experience", only the initial block broken yields the bonus experience.
            Blocks that should be affected by Fortune (e.g. Diamond Ore) may not have the Fortune experience applied to it.
        - Custom Enchantment: Void Charge
            - Fabled enchantment.
            Enchantment may not activate. May need to be completely changed or removed.
            Players who have Void Charge may be refunded a random Fabled Enchantment Book if contacting an admin.

Update (Feb 14th, 2022):
Remove the Mob Scaling section from the patch note as it's currently undergoing significant backend rework which may result in in-game changes.
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