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HeavenlyKingdoms Patch #15

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Jun 9, 2019
Markdown (GitHub flavored):
# Heavenly Kingdoms Patch #15

Changes from February 15th

## Donor Changes
- Donor Changes

## Added
- Custom Blocks & Items
    - Broken Key Fragments
        - You can now obtain physical Broken Key Fragments from enchantments or as rewards instead of the virtual ones.
            - Trade in Broken Key Fragments for Keys with the Keymaker at "/warp Crates".
    - Ancient Nugget
        - Is now considered a fully custom item.
            - Old Ancient Nuggets (name: "&fAncient Nugget", lore: "&7Dropped by a Fallen Knight") can be exchanged to the new custom Ancient Nuggets for a 1 to 1 trade.
        - Can be crafted into 3 Netherite Scrap. Recipe:
            - AAA
            - AAA
            - AAA
                - A = Ancient Nugget

- Custom Mobs
    - Fallen Knight
        - Changed the Ancient Nuggets dropped on death. Now awarded to the killer.
            - 1 guaranteed
            - 1 bonus (75% chance)
        - Grants 1 Broken Key Fragment on death to the killer.
        - Grants 1-2 bonus Broken Key Fragments on death to the killer (50% chance).
    - Skeleton King
        - Stats
            - Damage: 15 (increased from 10)
        - Changed the Ancient Nuggets dropped on death (now awarded to the killer).
            - 3 guaranteed
            - 6 bonus (50% chance per Ancient Nugget)
        - Grants 1 Legendary Key on death to the killer.
        - Grants 2 Broken Key Fragments on death to the killer.
        - Grants 1-3 bonus Broken Key Fragments on death to the killer (50% chance per Fragment).
    - Giant
        - The Giant mini-boss can now spawn naturally in the world and replaces Zombies as long as there are no blocks above it.
        - Stats
            - Health: 1000
            - Damage: 20
            - Attack Speed: 0.75 (1 = one attack per second)
            - Movement Speed: 0.15 (Player movement speed is 0.20)
            - Knockback Resistance: 0.75 (75% resistant to knockbacks)
        - Kill Rewards
            - 64-128 Rotten Flesh (guaranteed)
            - 1-2 Iron Blocks (25% chance)
            - 4-16 Iron Ingots (guaranteed)
            - 1 Legendary Key (guaranteed to the killer)
            - 1-10 Broken Key Fragments (33% chance per Fragment, given to all players in a 20 block radius)

## Removed
- Crates
    - Keymaker
        - No longer accepts Ancient Nuggets in exchange for Common Keys (requires Broken Key Fragments from now on).

## Buffed
- Buffed

## Nerfed
- Nerfed

## Changed
- Announcements
    - Updated to include the Broken Key Fragment change

- Custom Enchantments
    - Fragmental
        - Now gives the new Broken Key Fragment item.
    - FragmentalEarth
        - Now gives the new Broken Key Fragment item.
    - FragmentalOre
        - Now gives the new Broken Key Fragment item.
    - FragmentalTree
        - Now gives the new Broken Key Fragment item.

- Custom Help Menu
    - Updated the Kingdoms help menu with the new upkeep formula from Patch #13.
    - Added that you can easily view your upkeep and taxes in the Nexus Settings.

- Voting
    - Key Fragments
        - Now gives physical Key Fragments to trade in with the Keymaker instead of virtual ones.

## Fixed
- Fixed

## Known Issues
- Known Issues
    - Connecting to Server
        - Older clients are automatically kicked from the server when they accept the server resource pack. The chances of this being fixed seem low at the present moment. We may remove the oldest currently supported clients completely.
            - 1.8 clients are known to have this issue.
            - 1.12 and newer **should** have no issues.

    - Anti-Cheat issues
        - Using enchantments that break blocks in a radius (e.g. Drill, Excavate) will incorrectly detect you as cheating and may kick you from the server.
            - The developer has said they're currently reworking the cheat detection. Hopefully this will resolve these issues in the future.

    - Dynamic View Distance
        - Due to how the Minecraft Client and Server interact with each other, fog distance may appear much further away than it would normally do. This is likely the best solution at the present.

    - Farming (including Right-Click to Harvest)
        - Farming custom crops may not give Farmer experience
            - Specifically, this targets crops added by ItemsAdder.
        - Right-clicking custom crops auto replants vanilla seeds or plants. We recommend you always break them instead (except for tomato bushes)

    - Custom Enchantments
        - Experience
            - Ultimate enchantment.
            Doesn't seem to be dropping experience when it should.
        - Vein Miner
            - Unique enchantment.
            If using "Custom Enchantment: Experience", only the initial block broken yields the bonus experience.
            Blocks that should be affected by Fortune (e.g. Diamond Ore) may not have the Fortune experience applied to it.
        - Custom Enchantment: Void Charge
            - Fabled enchantment.
            Enchantment may not activate. May need to be completely changed or removed.
            Players who have Void Charge may be refunded a random Fabled Enchantment Book if contacting an admin.
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