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HeavenlyKingdoms Patch #17

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Jun 9, 2019
Markdown (GitHub flavored):
# Heavenly Kingdoms Patch #17

Changes from February 18-24th

## Donor Changes
- Legend
    - Now has access to the "Garden Plus" decorations with 70 new custom decoration blocks!

## Added
- Added

## Removed
- Builder's Wand
    - All Wands have been disabled from use due to a major durability bug. We're looking into what's causing it.

## Buffed
- Custom Blocks & items
    - Raw Metal Blocks
        - Now smelts Raw Metal Blocks (Copper, Gold and Iron) 60% faster than before.
            - Now takes 15s to smelt a Block compared to 45 seconds.
        - Lowered EXP to 6.3 from 9. Now matches vanilla experience.

## Nerfed
- Nerfed

## Changed
- Changed

## Fixed
- Anti-Cheat
    - We were unhappy with the dev's reception to the issues and attempts to patch it ourselves failed. We've now swapped the anti-cheat plugin and the issues we were having seem to no longer occur.
    - Hammers
        - You should no longer be incorrectly flagged or kicked for using Hammers.
    - Custom Enchantments (fixed several patches ago)
        - Enchantments, such as Drill, no longer incorrectly flag you as cheating.
- Custom Blocks & Items
    - Items
        - Fixed GardenPlus items not appearing in /ia (still only a Legend rank crafting perk)
        - Fixed misconfugred Oak Wood Park Bench recipe (default)
        - Fixed misconfigured Drip Leaf Plant Acacia recipe (GardenPlus)
        - Fixed misconfigured Drip Leaf Plant Brick recipe (GardenPlus)
        - Fixed misconfigured crafting permission for Raw Ore blocks
            - Specifically: Copper, Gold and Iron Raw Ore Blocks recipes in the Blast Furnace
- Custom Help Menu
    - Updated all pages with latest available information.
        - Please report any errors!

## Known Issues
- Known Issues
    - Connecting to Server
        - Older clients are automatically kicked from the server when they accept the server resource pack. The chances of this being fixed seem low at the present moment. We may remove the oldest currently supported clients completely.
            - 1.8 clients are known to have this issue.
            - 1.12 and newer **should** have no issues.

    - Dynamic View Distance
        - Due to how the Minecraft Client and Server interact with each other, fog distance may appear much further away than it would normally do. This is likely the best solution at the present.

    - Custom Enchantments
        - Experience
            - Ultimate enchantment.
            Doesn't seem to be dropping experience when it should.
        - Vein Miner
            - Unique enchantment.
            If using "Custom Enchantment: Experience", only the initial block broken yields the bonus experience.
            Blocks that should be affected by Fortune (e.g. Diamond Ore) may not have the Fortune experience applied to it.
        - Custom Enchantment: Void Charge
            - Fabled enchantment.
            Enchantment may not activate. May need to be completely changed or removed.
            Players who have Void Charge may be refunded a random Fabled Enchantment Book if contacting an admin.
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