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HeavenlyKingdoms Patch #2

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Jun 9, 2019
Markdown (GitHub flavored):
# Heavenly Kingdoms Patch #2

Changes from January 8th

## Added
- Added
    - What Am I Looking At?
        - Hovering over blocks will now tell you what it is in the boss bar (top of your screen)!
        - Hold shift then pan over to a block and it will tell you what the block drops
            - Some drops may be missing, mainly in custom blocks.
    - Scaling Mobs
        - Mobs now scale (primarily) based off of distance from spawn (0 0 coordinates).
        - The mobs have not yet been balanced but should be in Patch #3 tomorrow, which includes more balancing around skill levels as well as distance from spawn.

## Removed
- Removed
    - Custom Vanilla Mobs
        - Removed the customized mobs that replaced the vanilla equivalents. They have been replaced by an alternative solution, which scales mob based on the distance away from spawn. The further away you are, the stronger the mobs.
        See the Added section above for information.

## Buffed
- None

## Nerfed
- None

## Changed
- Changed
    - Crates
        - All Common to Fabled Crates (+ Voting crate) have been overhauled.
            - More items will be added over time.

## Fixed
- Fixed
    - Custom Items
        - Ruby Axe
            - Fixed recipe. Is now craftable as intended.

## Known Issues
- Known Issues
    - Crates (possible)
        - Some crate rewards may be incorrect due to the overhaul in this patch.
        Please report any errors to us here on forums (https://reskybounds.com/forums/report-issues.10/) or by opening a ticket in our Discord (https://discord.reskybounds.net).

    - World Generation: Loot
        - Custom dungeons that generate in the world spawn without loot in their chests. Vanilla loot chests (in e.g. Desert Temples or villages) should function normally.

    - Anti-Cheat issues
        - Using the Diamond Hammer will incorrectly detect you as cheating and kick you from the server.
        - Using enchantments that break blocks in a radius (e.g. Drill, Excavate) will incorrectly detect you as cheating and kick you from the server.

    - Graves sometimes may not spawn on death.
    - Farming custom crops may not give Farmer experience
        - Specifically, this targets crops added by ItemsAdder
    - Dynamic View Distance
        - Due to how the Minecraft Client and Server interact with each other, fog distance may appear much further away than it would normally do. This is likely the best solution at the present.

    - Custom Enchantment: Vein Miner
        - Unique enchantment.
          Blocks that drop XP when broken (e.g. Nether Quartz Ore) only drop for the initial block broken.
          If using "Custom Enchantment: Experience", only the initial block broken yields the bonus experience.
          Blocks that should be affected by Fortune (e.g. Diamond Ore) may not have the Fortune experience applied to it.

    - Custom Enchantment: Void Charge
        - Fabled enchantment.
          Enchantment may not activate. May need to be completely changed or removed.
          Players who have Void Charge may be refunded a random Fabled Enchantment Book if contacting an admin.

    - ItemsAdder: Repairing Items
        - Wooden and Stone Swords currently can only be repaired in an anvil using Oak Planks and Cobblestone respectively.
          You can still craft them using the vanilla blocks. You can also view the recipes in /ia, under "Swords".
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