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reSkybounds Owner
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Jun 9, 2019
Welcome to the reSkybounds suggestions!

We appreciate and consider all valid, constructive feedback the community has for us, whether it be our website, Discord or server.
Here's some useful information to know before you submit a suggestion so that we can keep everything in order!

- Always post your suggestions in the right category.
Available categories:
- Forums/Website,
- Minecraft,
- Discord,
- Janna (our Community bot).

- Follow the instructions in each of the Suggestion sections.
- The easiest way is to copy and paste the template and fill it out like a form.

- Downvoting a thread is allowed if you disagree with the suggestion.
- Thumbs up = +1 vote
- Thumbs down = -1 vote
- However, anyone who downvotes a post must reply to the thread with a result to be constructive. Failure to do so may result in removed vote.
- Repeat offenses may result in your voting privileges being revoked.
No grudge downvoting (i.e. "They downvoted my suggestions so I'll downvote theirs").

- In the future users may need to meet certain requirements on forums before being able to vote.
- Requirements are not yet established.
Not open for further replies.