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HeavenlyKingdoms Update #4 - World Map and Player Analytics

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Jun 9, 2019
Markdown (GitHub flavored):
**Heavenly Kingdoms Update #4** - World Map and Player Analytics

This update formally introduces the World Map and Player Analytic features!

The World Map, as you might expect, allows you to view the worlds of Heavenly Kingdoms on one map!
Player Analytics is mainly a server administrative tool for us but also allows players to view some information about themselves. This requires you to register an account though, which is separate from Forums! You account is linked to your in-game account, meaning only you will be able to see data related to it.

__Usage Information: World Map__

- Main command: /map
- Website page: <https://hk-map.reskybounds.com/>
- Features
    - View world maps
        - Overworld
        - Nether
        - End
        - Battle Shop (unaccessible atm)
    - View online players
        - Also shows player's chat messages
    - Additional information on the map
        - Kingdoms
        - Markers
        - Players
        - World Border

__Usage Information: Player Analytics__

- Main command: /analytics
- Website page: <https://playeranalytics.reskybounds.com/>
- Features
    - View stats
        - Online status
        - Times kicked
        - Player kills
        - Mob kills
        - Deaths
        - Playtime
        - Connection info
        - Punchcard (i.e. activity)
    - View detailed information using the "Sessions", "PvP & PvE", "Servers Overview" and "Plugins" tabs on the left hand side!
Not open for further replies.